Paul Wagner has been an instructor for Napa Valley College's Viticulture and Winery Technology Department for more than twenty-five years.  He is also a guest lecturer at many universities, including the Wintour MBA program in Europe, OIV Wine Marketing Master Class at UC Davis, and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. He has spoken at more than eighty conferences throughout the world on wine, wine tourism, wine education, public affairs, and wine marketing.



Wine Cruise from Santiago Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  January 28-February 14, 2022- a stunning chance to see the best of South America on the Oceania Marina

Or ALASKA with Matthiesson Winery June 23-30. Amazing scenery and wonderful wines
My Mystery Novel is published! 
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The Cruises
2022 South America
2022 Alaska with Matthiasson Winery 

2023 South Africa

2023 American Wine Society Rhine River

2023 Grand France: Four Weeks of Wine

The Murder Mystery

Here is a link to a podcast with a Napa Bookmine Author's night about the mystery. Available from:,, and other online retailers, as well as Napa Bookmine and Copperfields in Napa, Readers Books in Sonoma, and Mountain Home Gifts and The Mountain Bookshop in Sonora. And for more information about the next mystery, look here.
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